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This is the Video Description for the video on our home page
There is not any narration to this video, just background music. Opening picture is the Hawthorn Inn Logo superimposed on the tower at the top of Mount Battie in Camden Hills State Park.  The following frames are drone footage flying down Mount Battie and over top of the Hawthorn Inn, a Camden, Maine bed and breakfast.  The Hawthorn Inn is located a few blocks from the base of Mount Battie.

The next scene is the Hawthorn Inn sign on the front lawn. Next is the view of the inn as one walks up the driveway of the inn.  The inn is a grand yellow Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion with a turreted front. A young couple walks up the front stairs of the Hawthorn Inn. Ted and Lisa Weiss, the proprietors of the inn, warmly greet the young couple with a hearty hand shake and smiles all around.

The camera surveys some of the details of the common areas, the intricately carved post at the bottom of the open stairwell to the second floor and the antique rocker in the living room.  The young couple is all smiles as they look around the inn’s library.

The camera follows as the couple walks over to their Carriage House room. The camera scans the room with the King-size bed with its white bed spread and red accents.  The couple stands by the window looking out at the gardens and glimpse of Camden Harbor. There is a vase with fresh wildflowers on the table in the foreground.

The camera comes down the stairs from the back decks of the main house. The young couple sits relaxing in the zero gravity lounge chairs in the lush green backyard of the inn.  The couple rises and walks through the gate in the back yard into the Camden Public Library parking lot.

A drone lifts straight up from the zero gravity lounge chairs, flies over the fire pit at the end of the yard and moves forward to Camden Harbor. This demonstrates the proximity of the inn’s backyard and gate to the harbor. The couple walks past the Camden Amphitheater and Public Library. They continue down Main Street to the public landing to board the Schooner Olad.

Schooner Olad sails into the Penobscot Bay in the bright sunshine.  Schooner Olad sails around Curtis Island and the Curtis Island Lighthouse. The drone flies over Curtis Island and Curtis Island Lighthouse past the sailboats in the harbor and Lyman Morse marina.  The sun is setting.

The couple sits smiling at a table at Rhumbline, the restaurant at the Lyman Morse Marina.  The lights of the businesses along the other side of the harbor are in the background.

It is now dark.  The young couple are sitting holding hands enjoying the firepit at the rear of the inn’s back yard. The inn is lit up behind them in the background.

Sun high over Camden Hills, a new day awaits.  The couple starts breakfast with a cup of coffee in a Hawthorn Inn hand thrown pottery mug.  Fresh flowers adorn the breakfast table.  Maine maple syrup pouring over a stack of blueberry pancakes with Maine blueberries tacked on top of the pancakes with a side of Canadian bacon.

After breakfast the couple enjoy playing backgammon in the inn’s common spaces.  The young man enjoys sitting in the inn’s library reading a book, with shelves of books behind him. Young woman writes in the room journals about what a lovely stay that they had at the Hawthorn Inn bed and breakfast in Camden, Maine.

Video ends as if walking backwards away from the inn, with one last view in the bright shining sun.


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