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Before you forget winter in Camden, ME

Before you forget winter in Camden, ME, we want to show pictures on just how beautiful it is. It is hard to believe that 2 weeks ago, we had 30 inches of snow. Now with the warmer temperatures and rain, lots of snow is melting.

winter camden, me; front of Hawthorn Inn










Winter in Camden, ME 2017

In the beginning of February 2017, Camden saw 5 snow storms within 10 days.

Winter in camden, me; snowflake on mitten

As the snow fell on February 11, it was possible to see the individual snowflakes on your gloves.  Each is truly unique.  It was just beautiful.  Then came the work.

winter in Camden; shoveled paths

Winter in Camden; shoveled walk-way


We shoveled for several days to clear all of the walkways. While shoveling, we eyed the harbor in anticipation of a walk to enjoy nature’s beauty.

winter in camden, me; roof raking

This is Ted roof raking. A roof rake is a 20 ft aluminum rake that allows you to pull snow off of the roof. It is used to prevent ice dams. Ice dams form when there is a loss of heat through the roof, snow melts and refreezes causing the dam.  The snow must be removed so water sitting against the dam does not leak inside and cause damage.  Roof raking is a tricky task.  One must be sure not to pull the snow down on one’s head. This is why I do not roof rake.

winter in Camden, ME; sunrise

For several mornings after the snowfall, there were some amazing sunrises.  In my opinion, the light in Maine is fantastic.  So many shades of pinks and purples.

A Walk in Camden

Winter in Camden; church steeple

Walking down High Street into Camden.

Witner in Camden; view of harbor from Library

View of the Harbor from the Library Lawn.  I never get tired of this view, no matter what the season. Continuing down Main Street into Camden Harbor.  More quiet in the winter than the summer, but every bit as scenic.

Winter in Camden; view of Library and Mount Battie from the downtown landing

View of Mount Battie from the downtown landing.

Megunticook River flowing into the harbor.

Megunticook River flowing into the harbor.

Schooner in shrink wrap in the harbor.

Schooner in shrink wrap in the harbor.

It was a great day to be out for a walk.  We decided to walk down Bayview Street to the beach.

Laitte Beach


On the beach, looking back at Camden Harbor.

Winter in Camden; fog over Camden Hills.

Fog hanging over Camden Hills.

Winter in camden

Sherman’s point off in the distance.

Sunset from the beach.

Sunset from the beach.

Ironically, we were not the only people walking the beach.  In fact several couples were arriving as we were leaving to see the sunset.


Cleverly painted door that we noticed on the way back to the inn.  We will have to check this out in the summer.  I believe that it was a gallery.


The Christmas tree is still lit in Harbor Park.  There are a number of houses around that still have Christmas wreaths hanging on doors.  I love that Camden is so festive.

Camden is every bit as beautiful in the winter as the summer.  Don’t you agree?  What is your favorite winter scene in Camden?

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