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Lobster in Camden, Maine

Eighty percent of U.S. Lobster is caught in Maine. The first question many visitors ask is “where can I get the best Lobster in Camden, Maine.” As with many “best” questions, the answer is “it depends.” Are you looking for a lobster shack, a whole lobster in a restaurant setting, a lobster roll, or a delicious dish prepared using the delicacy?

How to Eat Lobster in Camden Maine

Lobster Shacks

McLoon's Lobster shack a great place to enjoy lobster in MaineFor a truly authentic Maine experience, a lobster shack is a must. Nothing beats sitting at a picnic table with a great view of the water and a steamed “lobstah”. Depending upon the time of day you arrive, you may actually see them hauling the lobster. At a minimum, you can see the boat that harvested the lobster. There are not any lobster shacks on the water in Camden, but there are several a very short drive away.

The closest Lobster Shack is McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack in Lincolnville, a 15 minute drive from Camden. Here you can get a lobster dinner or a lazy man’s lobster where you get the meat already picked from a 1.5 pound lobster warmed in butter.

McLoon’s Lobster Shack is a scenic 36 minute drive from Camden located in Spruce Head Island. McLoon’s has received rave press reviews. Yankee Magazine gave McLoon’s the Editor’s Choice Award as the Best of New England in 2015.

How to Eat a Lobster

You can take the lazy man way out, but what fun is there in that?  The best way to experience Lobster in Camden Maine it to completely immerse in the experience.

  1. Twist off the large claws and crack open with a nutcracker or knife.  Most places will crack the claws for you.
  2. Separate the tail from the body by twisting it off.
  3. Crack the tail, slit the underside with a pair of scissors, or crack it (again most lobster pounds crack it for you). Remove the delicious meat.
  4.  The small walking legs contain some meat that can be poked out with a fork, or by sucking on the end of the legs.

Lobster Roll

For those of you not knowing what to expect, a lobster roll is lobster meat on a toasted or grilled hotdog roll. The roll is split on the top instead of the side. Some places use a mayonnaise based dressing on the lobster meat. Other places serve melted butter to pour over the lobster meat. Some places serve the lobster meat cold, others serve it warm. These subtle differences are a matter of personal preference so it is difficult to say who serves THE BEST lobster roll.


Delicious Lobster Roll in Camden Maine

Pretty much anywhere one can get a sandwich in Camden, one can get a lobster roll. The price may vary by season so some will be market priced. Listed in order of the walking distance from the Hawthorn Inn:

Camden Deli

Marriner’s this restaurant is only open for breakfast and lunch. They break the mold a little bit and serve the lobster on a bulkie roll.

Sea Dog Brewing Company has the traditional lobster roll as well as Lobster BLT.  They also serve whole steamed lobster.

Harbor Dogs is only open 11-4 on weekdays and 11 to 7 on Friday and Saturday in season. This is a hot dog stand in the Public Landing. A nice place to grab a quick one and bring on one of the schooner rides for a picnic lunch.

Peter Ott’s on the Water has lobster roll, Lobster BLTs, steamed lobster, lobster cakes and several other lobster delicacies.

Hoxbill has lobster rolls, grilled and boiled whole lobster, lobster salad and lobster mac and cheese.

Cuzzy’s lobster roll is served on a toasted brioche bun.  Once can also find a whole lobster, lobster quesadilla, lobster pizza and lobster mac and cheese. Cuzzy’s also has a unique offering, if you obtain a live lobster, they will steam it for you for a $1.00 and you order your sides to go with it from them.

Waterfront serves lobster rolls at lunch time or on the pub side. They served steamed lobster, a lazy man’s lobster and will add lobster to any salad.

Rhumbline is on the other side of the harbor so offers a unique vantage point to the other restaurants. They also serve chilled lobster, steamed lobster and a shore dinner.

Lobster Fine Dining

Fresh and Company makes a Maine Lobster Ravioli, different than any other you have tasted. It has an asian flair with marsala garlic chili glaze, scallions, husk tomatoes, Savoy spinach.

Harstone Restaurant‘s menu changes frequently. There is an a la cart menu and a Chef’s fixed price menu. Each often includes a dish featuring lobster.  Some examples include lobster avocado cakes, lobster corn chowder, lobster cobb salad or lobster ravioli.

Natalies offers modern New England fine dining. They offer a 5-course lobster tasting menu highlighting Maine’s famous lobster through different preparations.

As you enjoy your Camden, Maine Lobster fine dining experience consider this bit of trivia. In the early 1800’s lobster in Maine was so abundant that one could pick lobsters by the bucketful off the rocks at low tide. Lobster was not considered good food. They were often fed to prisoners and indentured servants. There were actually limits to how many times one could serve lobster to a prisoner; no enjoying more than 3 times per week.

Stay at the Hawthorn Inn to taste as many of the lobster preparations as you wish to find what you think is the best! We are waiting for you. Check out our Promotions page to see our current lobster packages.

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