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Man wearing safety goggles, face mask, ear protection, and gloves holding a sanitizer machine in a bedroom

COVID-19 update

As of May 21, 2020, we will not be keeping this page current.  Please see our Policies Page to know how our procedures and policies have changed in light of COVID-19.

We wanted to share with you what the Hawthorn Inn is doing with regards to COVID-19 in these unprecedented times.  The local situation in Maine has changed significantly in the last several weeks.  We are keeping abreast of these changes and continue to evaluate and modify our processes where appropriate. We are following the recommendations provided by the Maine Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. CDC on COVID-19. We have instructed all of our team members on these measures.

Ted and Lisa greeting guests

  • Where we previously would greet your with a hearty handshake, now it will be a heartfelt smile.
  • There is a large container of hand sanitizer on the front desk.
  • Cleanliness is always a top priority at the Hawthorn Inn.  Many of our guest reviews make a note of this.
  • Ted, Deb and I are ServSafe certified and have trained our team on the importance of frequent and proper handwashing.
  • We are decontaminating high touch surfaces such as counters, doorknobs and handrails frequently.
  • At this time of year, the inn is not full so social distancing is not a problem.  No one has to sit at a communal table for breakfast. We have modified this practice in compliance with Governor’s Mills executive order and are delivering breakfasts to guest rooms.
  • We instruct staff that are not feeling well to stay home.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 207-236-8842.

Modification to Cancellation Policy

Symptoms of COVID-19 may include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat (in some patients)

If you experience these, please stay home.  We will miss you, but you will enjoy your stay much better when you are well.  During this difficult time (projected until the end of August), we will refund your deposit without a cancellation fee if you booked directly with us. Alternatively, we can issue a travel voucher for use within the next 2 years to reschedule your much needed trip after the environment has settled. If you booked through a third party On-line Travel Agency (OTA), you must cancel the reservation where you made the reservation.  The fee will be waived at this time there as well.

Status in Maine

Governor Mills had declared a civil state of emergency in Maine on March 15, 2020 and subsequently extended it to May 8, 2020. All public programming in the area has been cancelled. A number of the restaurants are doing take out and/or delivery services. The situation changes daily in response to the Maine COVID-19 Testing results and CDC recommendations.  For news on COVID-19 in the Camden/Rockland area consult the Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus News page.

As of April 5, 2020, Governor Mills mandated an Order Establishing Quarantine Restrictions on Travelers Arriving in Maine. We are only allowed to provide lodging in the following circumstances until the end of May,

  • Housing vulnerable populations, including children in emergency placements, persons at risk of domestic violence, and homeless individuals as permitted by the State.
  • Providing accommodations for health care workers or other workers deemed necessary to support public health, public safety or critical infrastructure.
  • Use of lodging properties as self-quarantine or self-isolation facilities as arranged by the State.
  • Limited verifiable extenuating circumstances for the care and safety of residents as otherwise approved by the State.
  • If you need a room in compliance with the above, please give us a call at 207-236-8842.

On April 28, Governor Mills released her plan for Restarting Maine’s Economy. It describes 4 stages to re-open businesses in a slow controlled approach. There are a number of uncertainties and questions regarding Phase 3.  As this time, we are waiting for further clarification.  The hospitality associations in Maine are working with the Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Heather Johnson to find alternate solutions to the current stated approach. If you have questions about a current reservation or making a new reservation, please give us a call 207-236-8842 to discuss.

Future Reservations

We recognize that people are anxious to get back to normal and are interested in planning future getaways. Yet they do not want to lay out the money for the deposit in this time of uncertainty. To this end, we have temporarily suspended the requirement for a deposit.  The reservation system will still ask for the credit card information to hold the room.  We will not charge the deposit when you make the reservation.  Together, we will wait and see what the situation is as we get closer to the check in date.  If travel restrictions are still in place as the check in date nears or your ability to make the trip changes, we will cancel the reservation without a penalty.  Once travel restrictions have been lifted, we will return to taking the one night deposit.

We will be here waiting for you when the uncertainty has lifted.  Until then, practice social distancing, be kind and patient, stay healthy and safe, and wash your hands frequently. Hope to see you soon.

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 update

  1. Lisa, Ted, and Deb — I am afraid I may miss you this summer: reading Governor Mills’ latest guidance, I think I cannot come into Maine without quarantining there for 14 days. I will be directly in touch with you to figure out what to do. It will break my heart not to be there this summer, but it will only make the visits that much better when I CAN return! I am thinking of you all — stay safe and well! I will keep monitoring things, as I know you will too! You, and Hawthorn Inn, are wonderful — I cherish you and the place.

    • Hi Sue,
      I will send an email to you regarding your current reservations. I believe that the Governor and her team issued the plan with the 14 day quarantine now as that is all that they have to go on now. I believe as time goes on, there may be some changes regarding other safe alternatives to have guests visit from other states sooner. We will keep all guests with current reservations abreast of those changes.
      Hope we can see you soon,

    • Thank you for your interest in the Hawthorn Inn. The current rule is defined here https://www.maine.gov/governor/mills/news/mills-administration-allows-lodging-reservations-future-stays-2020-05-14.

      You are not able to quarantine in a lodging facility. Basically, it is for someone who has a second home here in Maine or uses an RV or a campground as a second home. You must also bring enough supplies for the 14 days to self quarantine before you can go to the grocery store or out to explore.

      All of that said, the Governor is looking for safe alternatives for travelers other than the 14 day quarantine. There is anticipation that as we get closer to July, there my be alternatives. This is a dynamic environment so it is worth checking back often. I hope that helps.

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