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A Fond Farewell

When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out
and the tide of love rushes in.” —Kristin Armstrong

If you are not on our newsletter distribution, we wanted to share the content of our final newsletter with everyone,

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed emotions that we are sending this final newsletter. The Hawthorn Inn has been sold. The buyer will be turning the inn back into a private residence. This was not our desire. In fact, this buyer approached us earlier and we declined any interest as we wanted it to remain a bed and breakfast.

The Inn was under contract with another buyer who would run it as a B&B, but that contract fell apart. The final buyer approached us again with an offer meeting our goal. At the same time, our broker reached out to four other parties that had shown interest for use as an inn, but none of them were willing to move forward. For this reason, family reasons, and the business risk presented by COVID and its continuing developing variants, we decided it was in our best interest to proceed with this buyer.

Kristin Armstrong’s quote is the best way to open this newsletter. The overpowering tide of disappointment that the Hawthorn Inn will no longer exist as a bed and breakfast is only subsided by fond memories that have been created here. We are grateful for every story shared, guest smile and hug, wedding, anniversary, and birthday celebrated here.

We appreciate the support and friendship of our guests. For those of you receiving this newsletter yet have not stayed with us, thanks for considering us!

There are lots of great places to stay in Camden and lots of great innkeepers. As you explore your next “go-to” place in Camden, consider looking at Camden Premier Inns. It is a collection of innkeepers who share a similar high standard of service.

As we say “Hello” to our new adventure, we are so lucky to have something so special making it hard to say goodbye—instead, we shall say, “Farewell—until we meet again.”

Wishing you a very special holiday season and the happiest New Year!

Your Former Innkeepers,
Lisa & Ted Weiss

We were fortunate enough to have some of repeat guests stay during our last few weekends at the inn.  Unfortunately, I had not thought of taking pictures of the first weekend of guests.  Luckily, Kathy had suggested it on the second weekend!  We are truly blessed and thankful to have had such wonderful guests over the years.

3 men and their female partners standing in front of a Christmas tree

3 men and their female partners standing in front of mirror

2 thoughts on “A Fond Farewell

  1. Lisa and Ted. I’ ever so sorry and I will miss you as I enjoy Camden walks again this winter. Your Inn was my first choice for lodging. I loved the view of Battie thru the bare trees as I ate your sumptuous breakfast. Yet I knew that carrying those trays to each room was a hardship and was hoping innkeepers would be allowed to enjoy guests in dining room but Alas. One more winter of this separateness? Best wishes for your next chapter

    Annie from Unity, ME

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Bringing trays to the room was not so bad, it was the limited guest interaction that was frustrating. We miss our guests and Camden, but this chapter is giving us much more family time which is so important right now. Enjoy Camden this winter.

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