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Small Maine Wedding at the Hawthorn Inn in Camden

One of the knot’s The Top Wedding Trends of 2020 is the Micro-Wedding. Other top trends include a Green Wedding, Inclusive Menus, Edible Flowers, and the Cheese Hour.  A small Maine wedding can fit the bill for all of those trends. One can make it as affordable or as elaborate as one wants. The Hawthorn Inn can provide the perfect place for a small elegant wedding and reception for less than 25 people.


Bride, Groom and bride's family at a small Maine wedding

Photo Courtesy of Becky Lowe Photography


Bride, Groom and groom's family at a small Maine wedding

Photo Courtesy of Becky Lowe Photography


Melissa and Cory were trendsetters in 2019. First, the gift bags welcoming their guests contained local treats. Then, the wedding was a small intimate gathering of their immediate family members.  Afterwards, Ted prepared a luncheon with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Later, they headed to dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Ted enjoys working with our guests to find a menu featuring local products that meets the guest’s requirements and budget.  In addition, our guests can choose to work with a caterer that we have worked previously or one of their own choosing.

Camden Public Library and Amphitheater

The January 2020 Real Maine Weddings included the Camden Amphitheater in the Top 5 Midcoast Maine wedding sites.

Wedding in Camden Ampthitheater

Photo Courtesy of Dave Waddell of Siousca photography. Same photo that appeared in the article.

Hawthorn Inn is the closest lodging establishment to the Camden Public Amphitheater and Harbor Park. The amphitheater is a beautiful venue for a coastal Maine wedding. There is not a “bridal suite” where the bridal party can have final preparations before entering the amphitheater. As a result, if one stays at one of the other lodging establishments in Camden, one has to either walk through town or find a parking space.  Generally speaking, in high season, parking places near the amphitheater are hard to find.

Bride and bridesmaids getting dressed for wedding

Photo courtesy of Dave Waddell of Siousca photography.

Grooms men getting ready before the wedding

Photo courtesy of Dave Waddell of Siousca photography

















The Hawthorn Inn has a gate that exits the rear of the property into the amphitheater parking lot.  Therefore, guests staying at the Hawthorn Inn do not have to worry about finding parking.

Back gate from Hawthorn Inn to Camden Public Library Amphitheater

Back gate from the Hawthorn Inn to the Camden Public Library parking lot, adjacent to the amphitheater.

Wedding party returning to Hawthorn Inn after ceremony in Amphitheater

Photo courtesy of Dave Waddell of Siousca photography

















There are many venues in Midcoast Maine for wedding ceremonies and receptions.  The Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce Regional Guide is an excellent resource for this information. The guests from the wedding above enjoyed a cocktail reception in the Hawthorn Inn gardens while the photographer took the wedding photos of the bridal party.  Following cocktails, the party walked to High Mountain Hall around the corner for the reception. Along the coast of Maine, one must always be prepared with a plan B.  If the weather did not cooperate, the cocktails would have been at High Mountain Hall.

Wine and Beer table for the cocktail reception at the Hawthorn Inn

Table set up with wine, beer and soft drinks for the cocktail hour.

Guests enjoying cocktail hour at the Hawthorn Inn after the wedding ceremony

Wedding guests enjoying the appetizers in the gardens of the Hawthorn Inn.


The Hawthorn Inn welcomes elopements.  We do not have a standard package. The elopement can be simple with ceremony, cake and a toast or more elaborate. Each couple describes what works best for them. The couple decides if they want us to make arrangements or if they would prefer suggestions to select and orchestrate themselves. Elopements are available year-round.  Couples can marry inside the inn, on the inn property or one of the many Midcoast Maine wedding sites.


Bride and Groom in front of the tower at the top of Mount Battie

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Holcomb in Portland




The January 2020 Real Maine Weddings also included the top of Mount Battie in the Top 5 Midcoast Maine wedding sites.  Megan and Alex had been together for a number of years. In fall of 2019, they decided to get married in Maine.  Megan and Alex planned everything themselves.  It was just the two of them and the officiant at the top of Mount Battie.





Bride and Groom looking out ver Penobscot Bay from the top of Mount Battie

Photo Courtesy of Kayla Holcomb in Portland


Wedding Guests

The Hawthorn Inn provides an excellent opportunity to extend the wedding celebration into a several day event to savor with friends and family.  Several couples have opted for their entire families and close friends to stay at the Hawthorn Inn. Each day of their stay they enjoy breakfast together. The inn has common spaces where the entire group can gather. Read what prior guests Joe F. and Ryan L. said about wedding weekends at the Hawthorn Inn.

Plan your stay

Whether you are planning your elopement, wedding, or your stay in Camden for someone else’s wedding, find your perfect room at the Hawthorn Inn.  We look forward to meeting you.

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