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Your Guide to the Ideal Workcation in Maine

Workcation is not a recently coined-term. As early as 2015, The Wall Street Journal described a workcation as logging in remotely from a vacation destination. In normal times, not “unplugging” from work for a true vacation can lead to burnout. In these pandemic times, you have been working from home for the last 9 months. As a result, it is likely that you have not had your typical summer vacation or holiday gatherings. You missed out on a much-needed recharge. We have the perfect solution. Here’s your guide to the ideal workcation in Maine at the Hawthorn Inn.

In December 2020, CNBC published a survey that stated 41.8% of Americans were fully working remote. If you are working remote for the last 9 months, you may be looking for a change of scenery. The Hawthorn Inn is here to help. We provide a COVID-19 safe stay in compliance with Maine travel restrictions.

Rise and Shine

Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunrise viewed from your bedroom window.

First sunlight coming up over horizon as seen from Hawthorn Inn

Enjoy the pink and purple reflection over Camden Harbor from your bedroom window.

Reflection of pinks and purples during sunrise over the Camden Harbor

Go for a morning stroll. Get some fresh air to work up an appetite for breakfast. We will provide a contactless delivery of a breakfast tray to your room between 8:30 and 9:30am.  Need it earlier because of your work start time?  No problem discuss that with us in advance, we will work it out.

Breakfast tray delivery to guest room

Breakfast includes a carafe of coffee or tea, juice, a starter course and a cooked entry. Bring the tray into your room. Enjoy private dining for the two of you in your room.

Coffee, juice, breakfast apple crisp, and breakfast taco delivered to room.

After you are appropriately fueled to start your day, place your tray outside your door and we will take it away.

Work Day

Ready to start work? Two of the guest rooms, Norfolk and Watney, have desks. All other guest rooms have tables for work spaces. All guest rooms have business grade WiFi with Internet download speed of 190Mbps and upload speed of 10Mbps.

Carriage house rooms have mini-refrigerators to store the snacks you bring for the day. There are also in-room Keurig machines.

Need a printer or something copied? You can email documents to the inn’s printer and we can deliver it to your room. We also have a limited ability to make copies.

Lunch and Dinner

Some local restaurants are doing dine-in, but many local restaurants are doing take-out or curb-side pick up. Some are also doing delivery. If you order from a restaurant that does not deliver, call Craft Delivery Service. Hawthorn Inn has a partnership with Craft. We will pick up the delivery fee (gratuity is NOT included).

Non-Work Hours

During your non-work hours, enjoy all of midCoast’s fun winter activities. Not enough time to enjoy these, stay longer.  Check out our Promotions for extended stay and other specials.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Hawthorn Inn for the ideal workcation in Maine.

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